Professional GUTTER cleaning


With clean gutters from Clean Exteriors, you won’t have to worry when the rain starts to fall.
Why choose us? At Clean Exteriors we are fully insured and properly trained to safely navigate rooflines and ladders. If you have found us by searching “gutter cleaning near me”, you know that we prioritize safety and have the necessary tools to do an effective job. Our gutter cleaning service keeps your gutters functional, reliable, and able to withstand the test of time.


We thoroughly remove any buildup from your gutters, including leaves, sticks, dirt, debris, and sand. If a yard waste bin is not available on site we will personally haul away the gutter debris when finished. We test the functionality of your entire gutter system and be sure to flush downspouts. If clogs are present during the gutter cleaning in O’Fallon, IL, we will snake them out and ensure water can pass through and away from your home’s foundation. We do a final overview and thorough check for any damage. If potential repairs are needed we will be sure to address these with you before leaving.


With a professional gutter cleaning, you don’t need to worry about rainwater collecting at your foundation or around the roofing and rotting your faceboard. Overflowing gutters are a potential safety hazard and attract mosquitoes and mold with their damp conditions. Rely on Clean Exteriors to revitalize your roofline.

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